Crawford Mikus Creavtive Marketing Design

Outbound Conversions

Not all visitors will be willing to interact or share their contact information, so Crawford/Mikus may recommend alternative approaches to site conversion, such as analytic software or reverse IP software.

Google Analytics.
Visitor searches may be easily analyzed with software that is readily available, and Crawford/Mikus will assist with set up and initial training. Google Analytics software will produce tracking, metrics and reports to enable site enhancements and foster continuous improvement.

Reverse IP lookup.
Computer networks use the Domain Name System to determine the IP address associated with a domain name. This process is known as forward DNS resolution, and reverse DNS lookup is the inverse process. Reverse IP lookup allows an organization to identify a domain name for every visitor.

Analytical tools will produce raw data that can be reviewed for deeper insights regarding visitor traffic, navigation and usage patterns. These reviews may be enhanced with customer interviews, field observations and sales team feedback.

Additionally, an overall conversion strategy should link with other methods and media for improving offers and conversion rates, such as networking, tutorials, video demonstrations, webinars and social media apps. The end result of site conversion is a database of visitors that may be activated through follow up contacts and continuing offers.