Crawford Mikus Creavtive Marketing Design

Site Activation

Site activation is concerned with how the organization pursues meaningful contacts beyond a single visit. Site activation builds trust, underscores value and fosters a closer relationship with site visitors. Activation strategies are based on organizing and managing the visitor information that is stored in a database:

  • Profiling visitors, sorting data and assigning priorities

  • Mining the database and contacting top prospects

  • Promoting additional visits and further touchpoints

Websites are designed to serve inbound visitors, but with the right activation strategy the website can generate outbound interactions—beyond the visitors’ immediate needs and beyond the same-day timeframe. The end result is a database of visitors that have accepted one or more follow up offers and can be further developed through outreach initiatives:

• Trade shows

• Product training

• Sales presentations

• Marketing initiatives

• Seasonal promotions

• Employee recruitment

• e-Commerce transactions