Crawford Mikus Creavtive Marketing Design

CM Strategy

Some organizations want their websites to drive sales leads among existing customers and new prospects, so their site strategies are related to communicating competitive differentiators and capturing visitor information. Other organizations want to use their websites to educate or inform visitors, so their site strategies are based on sharing facts, features and details. An effective website, however, can support multiple organizational objectives.

• Showcasing products

• Generating sales leads

• Recruiting new employees

• Improving internal communications

• Facilitating e-commerce transactions

An organization’s website is an effective medium for reaching and influencing target audiences. But target audiences don’t visit websites—individuals do—and individual visitors will abandon a site quickly if they don’t find what they need with two or three clicks.

We design websites based on target audience profiles—and our designs facilitate the organizational objectives cited above—but we also include visual cues that allow individuals to navigate according to their personal preferences. We know how to create the right blend between site-directed visits and self-directed visits to maximize client results and assure visitor satisfaction.

At Crawford/Mikus we begin our discovery process by asking the basic questions that determine the site strategy:

  • What target audiences are you trying to reach?

  • How do you want individuals to respond?

  • What are the ideal outcomes?

  • What is the picture of success?