Crawford Mikus Creavtive Marketing Design

CM Development

Goals for site development include optimizing visitor searches, generating visitor traffic, enabling visitor interfaces, capturing visitor information and planning ahead for ongoing maintenance.

Crawford/Mikus follows a step-by-step process to develop and deploy a website. While the phases are generally sequential, developing a website is not a precisely linear process, so activities will frequently overlap or operate in parallel.

Phase 1:
Organizational Goals and Technical Strategies

Phase 2:
Situation Analysis and Value Fundamentals

Phase 3:
Site Content and Information Architecture

Phase 4:
Specification Documents and Wire Frame Diagrams

Phase 5:
Creative Development and User Interfaces

Phase 6:
File-size Checking and File-size Optimization

Phase 7:
Database Development and Back End Relationships

Phase 8:
Prototype Launch and Full Launch

Phase 9:
Ongoing Maintenance and Site Evolution

We believe a website can serve as a communications hub (or resource) for supporting a range of organizational goals and strategic initiatives. We use our proprietary Website Value Cycle to guide the development of a site that will enable or enhance a cycle of business activities in multiple areas and across multiple functional groups—and we establish procedures for analyzing results and driving continuous improvement.