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Connecting with customers

DBCI wanted to create real value for its wholesale and retail customers while integrating—and extending—its brand identity. CMD delivered web capabilities that gave customers direct access to powerful business tools. For the commercial sector the site offered a library of branded collateral materials that could be easily accessed by wholesale distributors—and each piece of collateral included links to drive customers back to the web site. For the retail sector the site offered an interactive tool for designing and visualizing customized self-storage spaces—a feature that improved customer service while reinforcing the brand promise: What Does It Mean For You?. Further, CMD helped DBCI extend its brand power by using the site as a recruitment tool for attracting and hiring the best available talent.



Additional Deliverables:
  • Corporate Identity
  • Graphic Standards
  • Product Collateral
  • Advertising
  • Direct Mail
  • Tradebooths
  • Signage
  • Banner Ads
  • Flash & PowerPoint Presentation Materials
  • FAQ's
  • White Papers