Crawford Mikus Creavtive Marketing Design

Build a More Competitive Brand

Our process supports all the marketing and communication activities that drive success—Branding, Positioning, Planning, Messaging, Lead Generation, Selling, Customer Service and Customer Retention. Additionally, and as required, CMD will deploy one or more of its proprietary process models for maximizing opportunities, minimizing barriers and converting communication objectives into action steps:

Circular Branding Solutions™
Our communication products deliver high utility and a long shelf life, because elements of the finished toolset can be leveraged to address more than one opportunity. With Circular Branding Solutions, tools are developed once and then deployed across a range of available media. Key messages are reinforced in a communication cycle that is both effective and efficient—and clients receive a superior return on their investment.

Value MAP™
The Value Messaging and Performance (MAP) tool shows how everyone in the organization can support customer acquisition and customer retention. The Value MAP identifies roles for all functional groups in the client organization—so every team member can internalize and deliver the same consistent, compelling, strategic messages during every customer contact.

Situation-Specific Selling Tools™
CMD selling tools are ergonomically designed to fit one or more specific sales applications—with considerations for presentation logistics, type of contact and level of detail required. Each tool is designed to tell a compelling story on its own, so sales team members can conduct every call with confidence.

Persuasive Point Formula™
This tool converts key message points into sound bites that can be shared directly with customers in conversations and printed correspondence. The Persuasive Point Formula supports fact-based selling by reinforcing every sales claim with facts and benefits. The formula assures that all team members stay on message and on strategy during every customer contact.

Each completed project is discussed and analyzed with client team members to measure success against strategic objectives—and to capture feedback for continuous improvement.