Crawford Mikus Creavtive Marketing Design

Drive Your Business Goals

Our work approach is based on the principle that effective communication initiatives can drive an organization’s business goals. We create value for our clients by delivering communication products that will support one or more of their stated business goals.

An integrated approach utilizing all media.
We discuss with every client how their goals can be met, reinforced or enhanced through strategic communication initiatives. Examples of sales, marketing and communication initiatives might include:

  • Using electronic media
    to increase awareness among target audiences

  • Leveraging databases
    to influence existing customers and new prospects

  • Developing situational-specific collateral
    and a more effective sales tool kit

  • Creating integrated graphic identities
    to promote multiple lines of business

  • Designing customized presentations
    that highlight competitive differentiators

We’ll work with you to develop your communication goals, strategies and key message points. Then we’ll define the activities, outputs and costs required to fulfill each work assignment. Your image, brand identity and business goals will be supported with every communication we produce and deliver.