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Our Studio

´╗┐In 1992 Crawford/Mikus relocated and renovated its space at the King Plow Arts Center. In 2003 Crawford/Mikus purchased its office space and established Crawford/Mikus Properties, LLC as a real estate holding company.

King Plow Arts Center
The King Plow Arts Center was once the home of the King Plow Company which manufactured plow equipment from 1902 to 1986.

The Architecture
The factory was comprised of primarily two types of buildings erected around a central rail(road) siding. The first type was built circa 1900 and is typically characterized by arched windows and doorways along with massive oak and heart pine timbers. The second type was built during an extensive expansion that took place between 1936-38. Steel beams, large rectangular windows, skylights and clerestories characterize these structures. All totaled, there are eleven adjoining buildings comprising approximately 165,000 square feet.